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      1. The Experimental School of S.M.S is located in Shuangliu District of Chengdu, next to the biggest wetland park in Asia, surrounded by green trees and colorful flowers. The school covers an area of 150 mu, with around 132,000 m2of construction area for teaching. With two kindergartens, a primary school, a junior high school and a senior high school, the school now has an enrollment of approximately?4600 students in about 99 classes (including 36 elementary classes, 61 junior classes and 2 senior classes).?
        Under the guidance of Principal Gao Zhiwen, the school now has 420 staff members in total, including 5 foreign teachers and 330 teachers. There are 147 teachers who have won the honors like Labour Model of Sichuan province, Special-grade Teacher, Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Headteacher, Education Expert, Academic Leader, Outstanding Young Teacher, Top 100 Teachers with Excellent Teaching Morality and so on.
        Over 16 years’ development, the school-running quality has been widely recognized by all the society. The school has won over 800 honors and titles at home and abroad, such as International School Award (ISA) by British Council, the School Independently Undertaking Key Projects of the Ministry of Education, the National Demonstration School on Comprehensive Practical Activities, Chengdu Municipal Demonstration School on Education of Science and Technology for Adolescents, Chengdu Municipal Base for Teachers’ Development and Chengdu Advanced Unit on Private Education.



        Equipped?a?well?structured?research?and?development?facility?with?qualified?professionals?and?keeping??it?updated? with?cutting?edge?educational?reforms


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